Entrepreneurs for Social Change (E4SC) is a one-year programme, which aims to support young social entrepreneurs to enhance the skills needed to boost a business idea with a social mission and be a powerful motor of economic development and social inclusion. The participants get exposed to the tools required to start and scale a social business, meet like-minded people and engage with cutting-edge guest speakers and mentors.

The selected young leaders receive feedback from peers, mentoring from experienced social entrepreneurs and are matched with potential investors during the year following the training.

The 7 Main Values Implemented throughout Entrepreneurs for Social Change

Generating social impact is at the core of the social business.
E4SC responds to the specific needs of young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35.
Economic empowerment and sustainability are keys to pursuing self-fulfillment and realization.
Matchmaking with peers, investors and funders are invitations to exponential network expansion.
Leveraging all strengths and lessons learned stemming from collaboration between people of multiple backgrounds and origins.
The human dimension of any relation is cultivated as the essential dimension to any other activity.
E4SC facilitates and supports various types of ventures to address regional issues in a productive manner.

Key Features of the E4SC Programme

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Satisfaction Rate

+ %**

Average revenue

* Based on the results of the surveys conducted at the end of the training and the mentoring periods

** Average revenue generated after the program

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