E4SC official participants 2017

In the following list are final
25 entrepreneurs who passed the selection.

  • Achref Chibani
  • Ahmad Yanal Wattar
  • Alexandre Khouri
  • Alyaa Nour Abdelgawad
  • Anja Carapic
  • Ayadi Radhouan
  • Balsa Djukovic
  • Basant Motawi
  • Dalia Said
  • Damla Manav
  • Daniel Lind
  • Danilo Mirabile
  • Filothei Matsigkou
  • Iosu Iribarren Lopez
  • Jacklina Eshaya
  • Ljubica Milutinovic
  • Luca Tarasco
  • Manthitan Massita Sissoko
  • Othmane Benhlima
  • Rosemary Romanos
  • Samer Arkawi
  • Sawsan Samara
  • Simona Joveska
  • Zaid Souqi
  • Armin Maglić

Achref Chibani

Enterprise name: Skills to Succeed

Achref Chibani is  occupying the position of VET  & Capacity Building Officer in Skills to Succeed, a development organization based in Tataouine and operating in South Tunisia , whereby he has been performing different tasks including drafting copy for articles , briefings and newsletters as well as  ensuring the organization’s presence in a variety of Social media platforms. Additionally , He  is  experienced in both  proactive campaign-driven releases and responsive communications.

Academically , Achref  graduated from Manouba Faculty of Arts where he obtained the fundamental license in English and the Master degree in Translation (English , French & Arabic) .Furthermore, He participated in numerous trainings including  IOSH Managing Safely, Communication, TOT  & Sustainable Development.

Ahmad Yanal Wattar

Enterprise name: ALEP Studio

Yanal Wattar is a Syrian architect graduated from Aleppo, he is a co-founder and director of Alep studio.

Alep Studio is a design agency based in Cairo and Istanbul which aims to empower Syrian brands, businesses and startups to grow in new markets and adapt to new communities and standards. it’s also helping them to take their chances to globalize their brands.

Alexandre Khouri

Enterprise name: Levantine Institute of Tripoli (LEVIT)

Alexandre is a Lebanese-French national, he studied International Relations in Lebanon, Migration and Development in London. He worked with different UN agencies and the ICRC on migration related operations.

In 2017 with a solid team of expert, he founded a social enterprise called the Levantine Institute of Tripoli in a working neighborhood of the North’s capital of Lebanon. The LEVIT offers high quality Arabic classes to foreigners and gives them opportunity to teach languages to underprivileged children of the area. The LEVIT manages  and finances an Education center welcoming 70 pupils everyday.

Alyaa Nour Abdelgawad

Enterprise name: JEREED

Aliaa is an Engineer, Entrepreneur & Environmentalist, her biggest passion is Environmental Engineering & Energy Management. It’s mainly how her JEREED started, innovating to convert palm tree waste into environmentally friendly wood substitute. JEREED not only focuses on the environmental aspect, but also the social one as well, we’re focusing on developing rural areas in Upper Egypt where JEREED is a part of its home environment.

She considers herself too old to be doing nothing for humanity, too young to stop learning & try things out. My passion is first times. She’s too calm at first, but later reveals childish energy & spirit.

Anja Carapic

Enterprise name: UrbiGo

Anja is Environmental Scientist and sustainability advocate from Belgrade, Serbia. She is passionate about creating sustainable communities, smart cities and  empowering people to become positive change makers in the society.

Together with her Team they created UrbiGo– smart vertical garden that allows everyone to grow their own fresh food in limited spaces and with no previous knowledge required. Project is currently in prototyping stage and for the future, plan is to employ women from socially vulnerable groups or give 1% of the annual profit to the specific social cause in local society.

Ayadi Radhouan

Enterprise name: BIOFIRE

Radhouan, graduate in computing and management,work with the family farm since 2007 growing pears and olive. He cares about the environment and nature. he started the biofire activity in 2015 by recycling agro forestry waste into wood briquette, coal and compressed coal for heating and cookings needs. Always he is looking for new ideas he started recently biochar production and he is developing a unit to produce biogas for his house.

Balsa Djukovic

Enterprise name: Folkk

Folkk is a Serbian social business initiative that connects masters of traditional crafts with emerging designers across Balkans – to create the highest-quality handcrafted products for your home. Our aim is to preserve centuries-long legacy of craftsmanship of the Balkan artisans, by providing them with a steady income, as well as to give the locally designed and manufactured products worldwide visibility through our online platform. We make sure to provide ethical and fair compensation to all the people involved in the production and supply chain. Folkk is an initiative of Nova Iskra creative hub from Belgrade, Serbia.

Basant Motawi

Enterprise name: Aspire

Basant Motawi, MD , MPH  is a health & safety specialist who graduated from Johns Hopkins university and has previously worked with the Ageing and Life course department with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

As a long time youth advocate with over 3300+ hours clocked towards community development and engagement, Basant is the founder & CEO of Aspire a youth led social enterprise dedicated to ending violence against women through performing arts.

Basant strongly believes that social work is about people at its core. she aspires to advance policies that empower women through her work.

Dalia Said

Enterprise name: ElRehla

We host unconventional camping experiences outside of the city bringing together leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate teams and people who make things happen for a connective, reflective and habit changing experience.

Our programming is holistic in that it engages the mind, body and soul of our delegates. This format on the one hand allows the group to think of both their work more strategically and their lives more long term. And on the other hand allows deeper networking for introverts and extroverts a like.

Damla Manav

Enterprise name: Talkative Land

Damla is a Turkish MSc candidate in Business Economics with Marketing Track living in Ghent, Belgium; in the meantime doing a Marketing Analysis internship in Brussels. Her main interests are centered around the fields of social change, amateur photography and environmental activism. Together with the Talkative Team, she strives to diminish boundaries against freedom of expression on the digital platforms, fill the generation gaps, cultural disparities, forejudgements. This is aimed to be achieved through a sharing platform without limitation to ideas, terms of use, payment methods.

Daniel Lind

Enterprise name: Lettuce Grow

Daniel is a social entrepreneur with a passion for disrupting existing system and global equality. He has lived across the world and speaks six languages fluently. After running a social enterprise in Malaysia Daniel found his calling within social entrepreneurship and eventually founded Lettuce Grow.

Lettuce Grow is a platform which connects small scale farmers directly to SMEs based on proximity, with a food waste based logistics system we are able to provide free/very low cost logistics to farmers and increase their profits by 3-4x to rebuild local rural economies.

Danilo Mirabile

Enterprise name: Beentouch

Danilo is an Italian Entrepreneur. He is passionate about social projects to improve people life in emerging markets. Thanks to his commitment in reaching the Global Goals of United Nations he is now Italian Ambassador in the Youth Parliament in Nepal. He is also a member of the prestigious Kairos Society, organization that select the best entrepreneurs under 26 in the world. The main goal of his company, Beentouch, is to give people in emerging markets the opportunity to use simple technology to communicate even in bad internet conditions and low performances devices.

Filothei Matsigkou

Enterprise name: LeadCompass

Filothei is a Career & Personal Development Coach and Co-Founder at LeadCompass. She has created dozens of personal development programs and has trained over 2.500 young people in Greece, Romania, Germany & Ghana. She has been a speaker in 75 events including the TEDx organization.

The mission of her Enterprise is to help young people in Greece  transition successfully from education to employment and build a career that they would be excited to get up in the morning. LeadCompass every  day strives to contribute to the 4th SDG, Quality Education.

Iosu Iribarren Lopez

Enterprise name: VISERPAL

Iosu specializes in international development cooperation. He has worked for the Spanish institutions in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Brussels, and now participates in capacity building projects in Latin America and the Maghreb with CEDDET Foundation.

His father, Jesús, runs a small industrial business back at home, which began with an environmental concern. In his daily management, the precepts of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda seem to be unintentionally applied. But there are still some challenges that can be overcome…

Jacklina Eshaya

Enterprise name: Beinco

Jacklina is the co-founder of Beinco, a social venture that facilitates transformative entrepreneurial workshops to enable communities and organizations to realize their collective intelligence and co-create positive change.

Jacklina has a lot of experience facilitating personal and group processes through non-violent communication, music, peace building techniques, dragon dreaming, open space, biographies, sociocracy and more.

In the past 11 years Jacklina co-directed a co-existence project in Israel, managed and facilitated the first Ashoka changemakerXchange for social entrepreneurs from Israel and Palestine, volunteered at a rape crisis center, facilitated women circles and had a radio show about Social Activism.

Ljubica Milutinovic

Enterprise name: NITI Designed kilims & blankets

Ljubica is an architect and management specialist but as founder/designer of NITI strives to create unique pieces and bring art into people’s home. NITI products are symbol of the long family and Serbian tradition of handweaving and the idea of NITI to keep this tradition through contemporary design and traditional methods of production. This project aims to encourage the employment of vulnerable groups (women, elderly, unemployed), preserve traditional craft and put regional spirit into regional economy by creating contemporary Serbian brand. Afterall when people appreciate the intangible values of their own region, they are happier with the place where they live.

Luca Tarasco

Enterprise name: HUBility

Luca studied Philosophy in Torino, Conceptual Design at DAE in Eindhoven and got a full grade MA in Design at Domus Academy in Milano.
He developed few digital projects that won entrepreneurial awards as WCAP grant by TIM, EXPO 2015 grant by Regione Lombardia, Mob App Award from SMAU and many others.

Together with his team they are working on HUBility, a platform of social and job innovation that includes disabled people in its governance, making them promoters and developers of solutions able to help them and other people in the professional self-realization context, as well as in day-by-day routine and social inclusion.

He loves road trips and flying at dawn.

Manthitan Massita Sissoko

Enterprise name: Onzurna Label

Manthitan has more than four years of successful experiences in the non-profit and public sector. She has supported the implementation of number projects in the area of youth development, youth mobility and education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Globalization, Spatial Dynamics and Sustainable Development in Southern Countries from Paris-Sorbonne University

She is awarded with the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship 2017 and GPSD Youth leader 2016.

She is focused on the topics of education, social entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, and women empowerment.

Manthitan and her team are working on the social entrepreneurship project “Onzurna”- a Social StartUp incubated at Espace Bidaya, which aims to empower marginalized women while giving them a decent job and empowering their financial situation to become independent through the production of an ethical, environmentally friendly line of fashion using smart fabrics.

Othmane Benhlima

Enterprise name: Eco-Heat

Othmane is a social entrepreneur with an engineering background. He is the co-founder and CEO of Echo-Heat, a social business that believes in making our consumption responsible again.

Eco-Heat is a bag that adopts a slow cooking technology that finishes the cooking process without additional usage of energy. Put your meal  on fire for 15 minutes, then put it inside the bag and let if finish cooking for 3 to 4 hours. This allows families living in Rural areas to reduce their wood consumption by 55%, and the ones living in urban areas to reduce cooking gas consumption by 75%.

Rosemary Romanos

Enterprise name: SunRay Energy

Rosemary is an electrical engineer and the CEO and co-founder of SunRay Energy, a social impact start-up with a mission to end energy rural poverty in Lebanon.

SunRay Energy provide rural household with a solar system on a lease-to-own basis. The system provides the household with the same energy as the current generator’s subscription fee however at a lower price. After the payback period, the homeowner will benefit from electricity.

Samer Arkawi

Enterprise name: Smile

Samer is a student of economics and a Syrian refugee in Slovenia has a dream of making a change of the situation which Europeans in general and Slovenians in specific are living in together with refugees and migrants and foreigners and turn the disadvantages of this cross point of cultures, backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, skills, abilities, diversity  capabilities, energies, creativities, productivities, and put them together in its optimized innovative investment structure

Sawsan Samara

Enterprise name: E-xplore-R

E-xplore-R defines unique exploration, and soon electronic exploration. An ancient Palestinian palace has been restored to become a symbol of tolerance, growth, and rural modernization. The project’s first phase will 1) re-create the village’s gender sensitive social and tolerant history by creating a museum 2) create jobs through a guesthouse 3) revive traditional successful skills and 4) mainstream unique educational activities from Nisf Jubeil village.

Sawsan Samara, a Social Anthropologist with 12 years of experience in the development sector, has always been a traveler, looking for unique adventures. Today, Samara is combining her different interests through this social venture.

Simona Joveska

Enterprise name: LOOTUS J

Simona is Engineer and MA of Management in Biotechnology and former Implementer of HACCP in Macedonian Scientific Society in Bitola, founder of  Lootus J Center for consultations and education and  NGO Lootus J New Beginning, where apart from a manager, she also works as a consultant and math teacher.

Her mission is to provide opportunities for vulnerable groups for better future, through training and courses, enabling them to acquire working abilities with a direct boost to their socio-economic status and active involvement in the social life. 

Zaid Souqi

Enterprise name: The Orenda Tribe

In 2014/15, Zaid Souqi, completed his MBA from IE Business School where he spent 3 months of his MBA consulting a foundation in Johannesburg that cared for orphaned and vulnerable children. This experience combined with the circumstances facing his country, Jordan, sparked the idea of The Orenda Tribe.

The Orenda Tribe is a lifestyle brand that features children’s art from refugee camps & less fortunate communities on its products, mainly t-shirts, and aims to use ART as a tool to spread hope and empower the people of the same communities.

In Feb 2016, Zaid quit his job as the GM of a logistics company and been working on The Orenda Tribe since then.

Armin Maglić

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Enterprise name: Play Learn Grow ltd

Armin is a youth worker and social entrepreneur. He spent 11 years working with young people on various topics. His youth work taught him an incredible amount, but he didn’t set the world on fire.
Getting in contact with this diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds, helped him to go deep and cultivate this thing called “empathy” and awareness of the social issues in the community.

A year ago he co-founded a social business “Play Learn Grow” working on designing traditional educational games and toys for building core skills of pre and school children.

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